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With CEA, we strive to develop honesty, integrity, respect and Godly character in our students, and require those values in our teachers and staff.  We consider online homeschooling an excellent option for current homeschool families who have children going into the 6th-12th grade, as well as for families considering homeschooling as an alternative to public school options and expensive private schools.  With our excellent curriculum options, as a private school we continually strive to know each student personally, and to offer customized service to each student.  See Link below for more information about the importance of accreditation.

Christian Educators Academy is fully Accredited:

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CEA’s Online Homeschooling mission:
Our mission at CEA is to provide quality online education with personalized, customized graduation plans for students in all 50 states and for missionary students worldwide. We strive to maintain a relationship between academic excellence and the dynamics of Christian life, with the highest quality of educational materials, while remaining grounded in Christian Values and beliefs. We strive for excellence in all areas of the academic process, and hold our students and teachers to the highest academic standards.

CEA’s Online Homeschooling Goals:
Our goal is to provide personalized, customized, accredited, online curriculum and academic counseling to each student, for the purpose of graduating with a nationally accepted, accredited diploma. We take a limited number of students each year. That way, we get to know every student – their goals, dreams and ambitions. We provide all students with a personalized 3-5 year graduation plan, especially designed for the college bound or career-minded. In addition to developing academically excellent and self-disciplined students, one of our primary goals include providing students with the resources they need to excel in Christian character and in activities which give back to their communities.

CEA’s Online Homeschooling Beliefs: 
We believe that education is a lifelong process, one that requires freedom and creativity, and that allows for individuality.  While striving for the highest academics, we believe that education also entails the development of character and community involvement.  We believe there is a relationship between academic excellence and the dynamics of Christian life.  We believe in developing honesty, integrity, respect and Godly character in our students, and require these values for our teachers and staff.

CEA’s Our Online Homeschooling Philosophy:
While developing honesty, integrity, respect and Godly character in our students, we hold to the belief that parents have the right to choose the learning system that is best for their children.  We stand by every diploma and transcript we provide.  We are not a “diploma mill”, or an accelerated program providing a “short-cut” through the high school education process.  We encourage our students to excel in all areas, including academics, social skills and study habits, and our graduates have excelled on PSAT and SAT tests and college entrance exams.

CEA’s Online Homeschooling Code of Ethics:
We strive for excellence, and uphold Christian Values in all areas.  Honesty, integrity, respect and Godly character are required.  We reserve the right to dismiss a student for personal and/or academic misconduct, without issuing a refund.  Any activity which compromises the academic integrity of Christian Educators and undermines the educational process will be grounds for dismissal. This includes, but is not limited to, cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, unauthorized use of resources, and assisting students in dishonesty.

CEA Staff and Teachers:
CEA maintains high educational standards for all of its instructors.  Each staff member shares CEA’s educational vision and has a passion for teaching.  CEA values each instructor as a vital part of our organization.  Teachers augment our online curriculum by providing individual instruction in areas where it is needed, accommodating each student’s individual learning style.  CEA requires all teachers in core subject areas to hold a Master’s Degree or higher, with 2+ years of teaching experience, to submit to an in-depth interview including background check and fingerprinting.