Alternative Methods for Educating

Many parents today are turning to alternative methods for educating their children rather than the traditional school setting. There has been a distinct rise in the number of students who are being home-schooled as a result. However, many have found that this type of schooling can be quite taxing to the parent-educator. A virtual high school, such as Christian Educators Academy, might be just the ticket for parents and students looking for a high quality education outside of the public school setting. This online high school provides an affordable method for children to learn at a pace that is well-suited for them and receive a fully accredited high school diploma.

The benefits of a virtual high school are immense to those who are no longer completely comfortable with the public school system. Christian Educators Academy offers many options that traditional schools do, but with more flexibility. Students are offered 3 different diploma tracks which are specialized to their unique plans for the future.

  • Career Prep is for those who are gearing to enter the working world upon graduation.
  • The AP/Honors track allows students who wish to enter college upon graduation the opportunity to take more advanced classes, and to possibly receive college credits.
  • The College Prep track helps to ensure those going into college upon graduation has everything that they need to do so.

Each class at this online high school has a teacher at the ready to help students with their specific needs remotely at an affordable price. The education provided is just as effective as what students are provided in public schools, and is geared to support a Christian philosophy as well.

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