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Making Mistakes Well

I often find myself telling my students that one of the most important things that they can learn in school is how to make mistakes well. At first, this might seem a little counter-intuitive—Really, Miss G? Mistakes? The truth is

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Drawbacks and Benefits of an Online School

As an administrator for a small, Christian online homeschool program, one of the biggest drawbacks for students is the potential for isolation and limited peer social interaction. While learning online creates tremendous learning advantages, and overall, outweighs potential drawbacks of

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Getting Ahead with an Online High School

While many students in high school take online classes to “catch up”, having to take credits they may be “short” on to graduate, CEA encourages high school students take courses to “get ahead.” CEA’s Gradpoint summer school program allows students

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Accredited online high school: today’s choice for a changing world

There are many traditional high schools moving to a “blended” learning style, of online and traditional schools, however, some parents and students seek out an accredited online high school for excellence in course selections, quality teachers and the ability to

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