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Why choose CEA for my accredited online high school?

If you are currently considering using an accredited online high school, here are the things that make Christian Educator’s Academy (CEA) unique: Highly personalized service – we get to know all of our students and families personally, and we tailor

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Accredited online homeschool – what to expect

If you have been homeschooling your children and are looking for  an alternative, a great option to investigate further is an accredited online homeschool.  With an accredited online homeschool, your children continue their education at home, just as if they

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What to look for in an online high school

In the last few years, online high schools have been growing in popularity as alternatives to traditional public or private high school.  If you are considering an online high school, here is what to look for in an online high school:

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The Parent’s Role in Online Education

Parents play an absolutely vital role in their children’s online education.   A parent’s involvement – or lack thereof – can often be a critical factor in the difference between their children’s success or failure at school.  This is true no matter where that

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Online homeschooling: An excellent choice for Christian Families today.

Online homeschooling:  An excellent choice for Christian Families today.  One of the main reason parents decide to go with online learning is because the educational program can be tailored to fit the individual student’s needs.  There are many reasons why

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