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Changing to a new school in the middle of the year

If you are thinking about changing schools mid-year, here are some good reasons to consider Christian Educators Academy (CEA): Our admissions process is simple and quick, and can typically be done in just a day. We have payment plans that

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Homeschooling and the Holidays

Home schooling and the Holidays This is the time of year when students and parents ask us about working over the holidays.  Leading up to this, some students have gotten seriously behind in multiple classes, with perhaps 20 or more

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Gradpoint Middle School Electives

Gradpoint Middle School Electives   Beginning Spanish: In this course, students will learn basic Spanish phrases and vocabulary through interactive lessons that will include images, recordings and videos.   Journalism Who? What? When? Where? Journalism provides us with the answers

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Gradpoint Middle School Core Classes

Gradpoint Middle School Core   Language Arts (English)   Year 1 (6th grade): This course covers concepts in grammar, reading, and study skills. It gives students a strong foundation in skills that they will use throughout middle and high school.

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Gradpoint High School Electives, Mythology – W

Gradpoint High School Electives, Mythology – W   Mythology and Folklore Mighty heroes. Angry gods and goddesses. Cunning animals. Since the first people gathered around fires, mythology and folklore has been used as a way to make sense of humankind

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Gradpoint High School Electives, D – Music

Gradpoint High School Electives, D – Music   Digital Photography I Have you ever wondered how photographers take such great pictures? Have you tried to take photographs and wondered why they didn’t seem to capture that moment that you saw

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Gradpoint High School Electives, A – C

Gradpoint High School Electives, A-C   Anthropology The aim of anthropology is to use a broad approach to gain an understanding of our past, present and future, and in addition address the problems humans face in biological, social and cultural

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Gradpoint Science Courses

Gradpoint Science Courses Notes: CEA recommends that students take Biology in 10th grade and Chemistry in 11th grade. These courses both require virtual labs, specially designed by the teacher for online students. We find that students do better in these

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Gradpoint Social Studies Courses

Gradpoint Social Studies Notes: All courses are full-year courses, with the exception of Government and Economics. These courses are one-semester each, and designed to be taken back-to-back during a student’s senior year.   Geography: This course addresses key concepts of

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The new CEA Homeroom Process

This year, Christian Educators Academy (CEA) has begun implementing a new Homeroom process for all students in our accredited online school.  Its purpose is to ensure that we spot students who are lagging behind or encountering issues and take preventative

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