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Homeschooling and the Holidays

Home schooling and the Holidays This is the time of year when students and parents ask us about working over the holidays.  Leading up to this, some students have gotten seriously behind in multiple classes, with perhaps 20 or more

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The new CEA Homeroom Process

This year, Christian Educators Academy (CEA) has begun implementing a new Homeroom process for all students in our accredited online school.  Its purpose is to ensure that we spot students who are lagging behind or encountering issues and take preventative

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Accredited online homeschool – what to expect

If you have been homeschooling your children and are looking for  an alternative, a great option to investigate further is an accredited online homeschool.  With an accredited online homeschool, your children continue their education at home, just as if they

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Accredited online high school: today’s choice for a changing world

There are many traditional high schools moving to a “blended” learning style, of online and traditional schools, however, some parents and students seek out an accredited online high school for excellence in course selections, quality teachers and the ability to

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Accredited Online Homeschool Programs

There are many accredited online homeschool programs available today, but when you want only the very best for your middle school or high school child, starting with an award winning program offered at Christian Educators Academy. includes grades 6

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Homeschooling Online – for High School

Q: What is homeschooling online – for high school and middle school? A:Homeschooling online is one of the most diverse educational options available for high school and middle school students today. The variety of homeschooling styles reflects the diversity of

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What to look for in online homeschooling

Choosing to homeschool online in the high school years is a challenge.  What to look for in online homeschooling programs? Parents need to find a virtual program that offers an accredited diploma and provides academic support for students, all without

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Why more Parents choose online home school

There are many reasons why more parents choose online home school as a viable alternative to regular homeschooling, public and private schools.  Online home schooling has become a topic of discussion by many homeschool parents, both in high school and

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Homeschooling Online- Keys to college success

Online homeschooling for high school students has proven to assist students in the college application process.  Many online homeschool curriculum and schools are fully accredited and provide well-rounded, curriculum, including AP, honors and College Preparatory class instruction.  All courses are

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A Few Benefits of online homeschooling

The benefits of online homeschooling far outweigh expensive private schools and public school options.  When you choose an accredited online school for your homeschooling needs, you are assured of the very best quality in education, as well as fully supported

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