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Making Mistakes Well

I often find myself telling my students that one of the most important things that they can learn in school is how to make mistakes well. At first, this might seem a little counter-intuitive—Really, Miss G? Mistakes? The truth is

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Drawbacks and Benefits of an Online School

As an administrator for a small, Christian online homeschool program, one of the biggest drawbacks for students is the potential for isolation and limited peer social interaction. While learning online creates tremendous learning advantages, and overall, outweighs potential drawbacks of

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Homeschooling and the Holidays

Home schooling and the Holidays This is the time of year when students and parents ask us about working over the holidays.  Leading up to this, some students have gotten seriously behind in multiple classes, with perhaps 20 or more

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The new CEA Homeroom Process

This year, Christian Educators Academy (CEA) has begun implementing a new Homeroom process for all students in our accredited online school.  Its purpose is to ensure that we spot students who are lagging behind or encountering issues and take preventative

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Homeschool Online a New Option for Parents

Homeschooling has mushroomed over the past few years as more and more parents choose to take on the task of educating their children for one reason or another. One of the newer options that parents have is to homeschool online.

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Earning a Online High School Diploma

Earning a high school diploma is the first step towards establishing a rewarding career and applying to college. However, there can often be several barriers that can make it difficult for some people to complete high school. Transportation issues, illness

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Alternative Methods for Educating

Many parents today are turning to alternative methods for educating their children rather than the traditional school setting. There has been a distinct rise in the number of students who are being home-schooled as a result. However, many have found

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The Career Prep Track

Christian Educators Academy is an accredited online home school resource that offers students from 3rd to 12th grade excellence in academics as well as a firm Christian stronghold. Learners are provided opportunities to learn flexibly. Students who need extra time

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Why Students and Families are Choosing Online High School

Online education – this is not your father’s high school. In the age of the internet, also known as the new economy, many hard-and-fast rules about the high school educational process have changed, to make high quality education more accessible.

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What is a Online Homeschool Curriculum

For a number of reasons many parents are deciding to forgo traditional public schools when it comes to their children’s education. One of the main alternatives parents are trying is online learning. Here are some of the top reasons parents

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