Changing to a new school in the middle of the year

If you are thinking about changing schools mid-year, here are some good reasons to consider Christian Educators Academy (CEA):

  • Our admissions process is simple and quick, and can typically be done in just a day.
  • We have payment plans that make the tuition affordable.
  • CEA is fully accredited by Advanc-ED and SACS.
  • Our enrollment is open – students can register any time of the year.
  • We schedule classes around individual preferences and needs – we are extremely flexible.
  • We have limited enrollment and get to know all of our students personally.
  • We assign all students a homeroom teacher who regularly monitors their progress.
  • Students who enroll in January, have a choice of two curriculum – Apex and Gradpoint.  After January, students can enroll any time in Gradpoint.
  • For high school, we transfer in credit for any work that documented on an official transcript from an accredited school. For middle school courses, we recognize any completed semesters shown on a report card from previous schools.
  • We award credit for students transferring out of a home-school subject to review by our Curriculum Director; we require documentation of the curriculum used, grades earned and work samples.
  • We work with students who have partially completed semesters.  While we cannot award credit for partially completed semesters, and students do have to start courses over, we work with students on an individual basis to make the transition less burdensome.
  • Students can also re-start their whole year over with CEA, using our Gradpoint curriculum.   Students have the option of either trying to complete the year by August / September and starting next year at the regular time,  or taking a whole year to complete the year.

There are many reasons that students consider transitioning iThis is the time of year when many parents and students think about changing schools.  There are many reasons for thinking about such a change:

  • Student just transitioned to a new school in the fall that isn’t working.
  • Bullying and peer-pressure.
  • Current curriculum isn’t working
  • Student is starting new activities and needs more flexibility in their schedule.
  • Recent diagnosis of a medical condition which will interfere with regular school attendance.

By enrolling in Christian Educators Academy, you can be assured that your child will receive a high-quality education from caring professionals, using the best college-preparatory curriculum available, and that any work they complete at CEA will be documented on an accredited diploma.  If you are interested in making a transition, please e-mail or call our business office today to discuss your options.

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