Christian Online Homeschooling

Christian Online Homeschooling programs provide a superior and challenging college-preparatory, honors or Advanced Placement education for online high school students in a Christian environment.  In a Christian online homeschooling program such as Christian Educators Academy, students become private school students, completing their education via distance learning.  An online high school student has the advantage of being able to work anywhere, anytime, all on-line, with quick access to highly qualified teachers, earning an accredited diploma that will be accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

CEA’s distance learning program, based on Apex curriculum combined with excellent support from professional, caring Christian teachers, is a viable alternative for college-bound students coming from home school, private school and public school venues.  In CEA’s program, parents play a key role, and remain actively involved in their children’s education by regularly checking up and monitoring their progress, however the burdens of instruction, grading and record-keeping are taken over by CEA.

Christian Educators Academy’s online high school curriculum is highly structured, but also has tremendous flexibility in scheduling, allowing CEA to build an individualized schedule around your child’s needs.  Courses can start at any time during the year, and students have one full year to complete them.  Students can take courses in a full-time or part-time basis, choosing from a wide selection of core subjects and electives.  In addition, CEA grants student elective credit for extracurricular activities that are reflective of a well-rounded student, such as sports, theater, dance, music, religious studies, mission trips, ministry, and worship leading, among others.

 Christian Online Homeschooling Students

  The goals of our Christian Online Homeschooling Program are:

1. To encourage all students to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  We do this by modeling Christian behavior, by exhibiting Christian values and attitudes in all of our interactions with students and parents, and by providing mentoring and discipling to our students wherever possible.

2.  To provide a high quality education that will engage our students in a wide-range of learning opportunities that extend beyond a traditional classroom experience.

3.  To create partnerships between our parents, students, and teachers; to provide academic counseling to all of our students, and to create individualized curriculum plans for each student based on an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

4.  To provide a flexible program which can adapt to students needs, allowing them to take classes year-round, anywhere, anytime, as long as they have high speed internet access.   To encourage church ministry, mission trips, organized sports, and time off for special needs.

5.  To ensure that our graduates will be accepted at colleges and universities nationwide based on our AdvancED accreditation.

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