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Christian Online Homeschooling Courses:

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) offers accredited online homeschooling courses for middle school and high school, grades 6-12.  Your child can start earning high school credits as early as the 8th grade, with the assurance that every credit earned is fully accredited by AdvancED, and will be accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

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Christian Educators Academy offers accredited online courses for middle school and high school from two highly-recognized and well-regarded curriculum providers – Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson.  Both curricula are college-preparatory in nature and are well received by colleges and universities nationwide.

  • Our middle school courses are based on curriculum from Gradpoint
  • High school students can choose either the Apex curriculum or the Gradpoint curriculum.

Here are the highlights and advantages of each curriculum:

  • Gradpoint:
    • Students can start in the 6th grade and move seamlessly through the 12th grade.
    • Access to a wide array of elective courses in high school.
    • Curriculum is available 365 days a year, even during school holidays and shutdowns.
    • Courses run for a full year (180 days for 1-semester courses).
    • Teachers monitor student progress and are available for help.
    • Students can work completely independently of teacher and school schedules.
    • Curriculum is more project-based, intuitive, appeals to students with broad interests.
  • Apex:
    • Access to AP, Honors and our new Dual-Enrollment program with Colorado Christian University.
    • Teachers actively involved in grading projects, assignments and quizzes.
    • Follows a traditional school calendar (August – June) with individual start/end dates.
    • Curriculum not available during school shutdowns (see school calendar).
    • Students need to factor in teachers availability and schedule.
    • Curriculum has strong writing component and is more analytical, appeals to students with strong academic skills

For more details on our individual courses, please refer to one of the following pages: