Accredited online homeschool – what to expect

If you have been homeschooling your children and are looking for  an alternative, a great option to investigate further is an accredited online homeschool.  With an accredited online homeschool, your children continue their education at home, just as if they were homeschooling.  In terms of their daily routine, there is no difference.  They receive all the benefits of schooling at home – security, absence of peer-pressure and bullying, the ability to work in a stable, secure environment where they are free to express their individuality and develop their own sense of identity.  The big advantage of an accredited, online homeschool is that all of the burdens of teaching, grading and record-keeping are lifted off your shoulders. They are taken over by caring, Christian teachers who are trained professionals.  This allows you to focus your time and efforts on the things that really matter, on the things that only you as a parent can do.  The teenage years are an exciting time, filled with growth, opportunities and challenges.  Helping your children find their identities, helping them meet the challenges in front of them, encouraging them and spending meaningful time with them, making sure they are staying on track, all of those things are enough of a task for any parent.  And after all, who really remembers the quadratic formula, or how to do proofs in geometry?  Do you really want to spend the last few years you have left with your children, before they set off into the world, worrying about how to teach them chemistry, physics and Spanish, or grading English papers or history assignments?

At Christian Educators Academy, we offer an accredited online homeschooling program that allows your children to continue their schooling at home, while we take all the burdens of teaching, grading and record keeping from you.  Of course, you are still very actively involved, as any parent would be.  Your role is to check up on your kids to make sure they are doing their schoolwork, staying on track, if they are running into any roadblocks or need additional help.  We will send you weekly reports on your students progress, and contact you directly and immediately if we see a problem that needs your further attention.

You can also rest assured that your children are receiving a high-quality, college-preparatory education that has been and will be accepted by colleges and universities nationwide, as well as by all branches of the US Armed Forces.  You don’t have to worry about meeting scope and sequence requirements, of making sure that your transcripts are properly coded, or about gaining accreditation from a nationally recognized agency – we have already done all those things for you.

An accredited online homeschool program is the best alternative to traditional homeschooling in the middle- and high-school years.  Come check out our program – call Christian Educators Academy at 1-800-886-0501…

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