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Florida Online High School – using Apex Learning

Now you can choose one of the best Florida online high schools that uses Apex Learning, a leading provider of online curriculum.  Apex Learning curriculum is well known for its high quality, whether for Advanced Placement, college preparatory, or honors courses.   Christian Educators Academy (CEA) offers high school students a choice of over 90 Apex Learning courses.  Using Apex Learning, CEA allows its high school students to complete all their courses anywhere, anytime, all online, and provides them with an accredited transcript and diploma accepted at colleges and universities nationwide when they graduate.

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Why choose Apex Learning for your Florida online high school curriculum?

Each Apex Learning course provides students with a calendar, a syllabus, course instructions and resources. The calendar helps students stay on track and complete each semester-long course within an 18-week time period.  The syllabus allows students to overview the complete course in advance, set milestones for completing work in advance, and mark assignments as they are completed.  Students can gauge their daily progress against these milestones to see if they are staying on track.  Feedback is immediate, so that students can adjust their effort as needed.  CEA allows students to plan their calendars around travel and personal needs, as long as each semester is completed in a timely manner, typically within 5-6 months.

Teacher responsibilities:  CEA maintains a strict policy that instructors will grade all lessons submitted for grading within one school day, Monday through Friday, so that students can complete their work in a timely fashion, except for school vacations listed on our school calendar on this website and in our handbook.  Reminders of these holidays are sent out two weeks in advance.  Occasionally, e-mails are not received.  If a teacher does not respond within the allotted time, students may contact the Director or Assistant Director for assistance.

Apex Learning Weekly Reports, report cards, student progress:  A progress report is sent via e-mail to parents, tutors and any requested guardians of every student once a week.  A written progress report is mailed to parents once a quarter.  Transcripts are mailed the end of January and final grades are mailed the end June.   CEA maintains a continuous tracking and monitoring system.  The Director Student Services reviews and tracks every student in every class on a regular basis.  The director will contact the student and their parents anytime the student is lagging their schedule by more than a week.  The CEA director and instructors will work with the student and their parents to help the student to get back on track, and find solutions to time-management issues.  CEA may adjust an individual student’s  schedule to accommodate personal needs, provided that the student adheres to the requirements of the curriculum.

Apex Learning Course completion:  As a Florida online high school, CEA meets all state and national requirements for graduation.  CEA also follows the criteria established by Apex for completion of Apex courses.  In addition, CEA requires that students take a proctored mid-term or final exam per semester in each of the subjects of English, math, history and science, before grades will be issued.  Grades for coursework, including grades for extra-credit assignments, are decided by the teacher.  Students are eligible to move to the 2nd semester of a course ONLY after the 1st semester is completed and a grade has been issued.  Some subjects have prerequisites.

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