Getting Ahead with an Online High School

While many students in high school take online classes to “catch up”, having to take credits they may be “short” on to graduate, CEA encourages high school students take courses to “get ahead.” CEA’s Gradpoint summer school program allows students 8 weeks to finish one course, working as little as 3 hours online per day. Some students can work much quicker, some may need additional time, all built into a schedule that works for you. CEA’s courses are flexible, where students can enroll anytime, and finish a course to recover a credit, or get ahead in their educational graduation plan.

Taking high school online courses in the summer can be completed anywhere as long as you have a computer, and access to the internet. CEA provides a low cost option to complete a course over the summer. Instead of being tied to your local school and taking a class everyday over the summer, an online course can travel with you wherever you go. Because CEA is a fully accredited online high school, your credits will transfer back to your local public school. Sometimes, students are encouraged by their ability to be successful online, and transfer to CEA to finish their high school education. Here is a testimony from a student who stays with their grandparent:
“With CEA, our granddaughter was about to finish her 9th grade year, and her grades are better than ever! We especially appreciate the easy on-line format which eliminates the need for books, and the flexibility of the scheduled work. Also, we are able to get ahead and to take time off whenever we need it. The teachers and staff have been very responsive and stepped in with additional one-on-one tutoring when needed. Thanks CEA for a great Christian education!”
– S. Baker

With CEA’s online high school courses, students can take a math, science, history, or English course, as well as trying out unique electives such as criminology, cosmetology, or archeology! Students who attend online summer school programs can develop better note-taking and time management skills, as well as learning important content for a successful transition to high school or college.
Other benefits from taking an online high school course this summer are:

  • Cost – CEA offers a full credit course for $500, including teacher support.
  • Recovery- Credit recovery, with prescriptive learning courses. Students easily move on within the subject where they show proficiency, only focusing on problematic areas.
  • Transition- Taking a course to help junior high students transition to high school.
  • Advancement- taking a course to graduate early or skip ahead to a higher-level course.

Taking an online high school course is a win-win situation for any student in high school, for both the student who is struggling, and for the high-achieving student. An online summer school course will also allow students to see if online schooling is a good option for them, especially since many colleges now, use online learning.

Mrs. Z
BA Theology/Admin

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