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Accreditation is a growing concern for many in the home school community.  Public high schools in all 50 states are beginning to require evidence of accreditation on the transcripts of students transferring in from non-public schools.  When it comes to colleges, the absence of accreditation can be an enormous barrier to a prospective applicant, severely limiting the choices available.  This is why homeschooling online through a properly accredited private school is an excellent alternative for high school students desiring to complete their education at home.


Every school has the administrative right to set the policy which determines whether they will accept or reject the credits from another school – public or private.  In order to minimize the risk of rejection, especially if parents want to keep the option of returning to public school open, parents are advised to enroll in a school that carries accreditation from one of the six regional agencies recognized by the US Department of Education or their designee, such as AdvancED.

Students entering college may encounter difficulties with certain colleges if their high school curriculum was based strictly on religious content. To avoid these difficulties, it is recommended that students enroll in a College Preparatory program that adheres to the standards generally accepted by most colleges.

Students need to be aware that the leap from high school to college is a difficult one for many.  In order to minimize these difficulties, students are advised to begin preparing themselves for college by the ninth grade at the latest.  Students can prepare themselves by making wise course selections, achieving high scores on the SAT or ACT tests, and taking dual-enrollment courses if possible.

Homeschooling Online with CEA

CEA’s Online Homeschooling Program offers tremendous benefits for the homeschool family . Our online homeschooling program can greatly improve your children’s learning experience, with high-quality college-preparatory curriculum taught in a Christian-friendly environment. Using our accredited online homeschooling program, your child can obtain a high school diploma that will be accepted by any college in the country. Our online homeschooling program relieves you of the burdens of teaching – especially the difficult subjects such as Algebra, Physics and Chemistry.  Our online homeschooling program also relieves you of the burdens of grading and record-keeping, significantly reducing your workload.  By eliminating of all these educational and administrative burdens, you will have more quality time and energy to spend interacting with your child, motivating them, and doing the things that only you as a parent can do – the things that are most important.

Although federal and state law permits homeschooling ( ), many colleges and universities do not recognize home-based transcripts, or transcripts from umbrella schools that are not properly accredited. Most colleges require that high school transcripts conform to specific scope and sequence requirements, as well as be properly accredited. By enrolling at Christian Educators Academy, your child can continue learning at home, with the guarantee of receiving a properly accredited transcript, one that will be accepted by colleges and universities anywhere in the United States.

Our online homeschooling program allows your child to take courses that adhere to a college-preparatory standard in a Christian-friendly environment, from Christian teachers, where discussing one’s faith is actively encouraged.   We think that this approach, where we present a wide set of viewpoints in a sensitive way, challenge students to develop their own responses with the support of Christian staff is the best way to prepare them to face the real world.

The curriculum that we use is of the highest quality.  It is professionally developed by subject matter experts who are also experienced in teaching.  All the courses have clear step-by-step instructions.  They are engaging, interactive, self-directed and self-paced.  We offer over 90 different subjects in our curriculum.

All of our teachers are experienced professionals who deeply care about their students welfare.  You child will be assigned specific teachers for each subject, whom they will come to know.  Our teachers provide encouragement, mentoring, individualized instruction and assistance whenever needed through e-mails, whiteboard demonstrations and Skype chats.  Teachers are required to respond to all student requests and lessons to be graded by the next school day, so that students can complete their work in a timely manner.

One of the greatest advantages of online homeschooling program is its flexibility.  Lessons can be completed anytime, anywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, allowing tremendous flexibility around personal schedules. Other advantages of our program are that students can have up to a full year to complete their courses, and that they can start their courses at any time during the year.  Students can create their own schedule, and work at their own pace.

A final benefit of our online homeschooling program is that we cater to students who have interests outside of academics.  We have had students who were active in skating, cycling, equestrian riding, theater, dance and music; who have owned their own businesses and started ministries.   We encourage each student to develop their own custom 3-5 year graduation plan, specifically designed to help them realize their dreams and goals.  Our online homeschooling curriculum includes a diverse set of electives, including music, art, dance, and drama.  In addition, we allow credit for competitive sports, community service, mission trips and ministry.  Through these provisions, we support our students in pursuing their interests while allowing them to complete their high school education.

We fully believe that our online homeschooling program is one of the best educational options available for many reasons to a wide number of prospective families.  With our online homeschooling program, the opportunities for your child to excel in both academics and career goals are limitless.

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