Motivating Online High School Students

5 Tips to Motivate Online high school Students:  Online high school students have great success with academics, but a few areas often crop up when students work independently.  Boredom, discouragement, lack of focus, or just plain laziness:  no matter what you call it – online high school students can lose their focus or motivation completing online classes.  Here are a few tips that may motivate or challenge your child to be more successful.

With your online high school calendar, go through and develop a daily and weekly schedule. This is perhaps the most important tip I can give you.  Family schedules are often too busy.  We encourage school hours to be planned and scheduled to keep students from falling behind.  Although online learning allows a lot of flexibility, there needs to be structure.  Starting the same time each day, and having a plan with obtainable goals is key.   Suggestion:  have your child work on one class per day, finishing one lesson in a particular subject.  Have a Monday math day, Tuesday science day, etc…  Your child will be encouraged when they see their weekly work completed.

One of the most encouraging things to do with online high school students, is to set goals and work on a graduation plan together.  Have regular discussions with your child about their goals and dreams.  Be sure they are taking courses to meet their goals, as well as meeting state graduation requirements.  Starting the process with goal setting will set the tone for the school year and help make it a more positive experience.  Schedule meetings with your student and the school advisor to create goals and possible course options.

At, we find that giving online high school students daily and weekly teacher support and encouragement. Praise takes you a lot further and helps motivate your student to do better.  Give your student frequent and timely praise when they do well and avoid using criticism when they are struggling.  When your student comes to you with a problem, help them find a solution.  Contact the curriculum director for additional ways of giving support and encouragement and finding solutions with areas they may struggle in.

With online high school, or any traditional school, only having academics can be very boring to a teenager.  It is critical to Plan outside events and activities. Online students work very hard most of the time.  They need outside events and activities to stimulate their young minds.  We encourage parents to plan physical education activities, such as joining a gym, learning to play tennis or golf.  Many students enjoy taking private music lessons or art lessons, or enroll in a local drama club.  If you are struggling with an unmotivated student, make some small changes to your family’s educational habits and you may find that your student starts to make progress.


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