The new CEA Homeroom Process

This year, Christian Educators Academy (CEA) has begun implementing a new Homeroom process for all students in our accredited online school.  Its purpose is to ensure that we spot students who are lagging behind or encountering issues and take preventative action as soon as possible.  Our motivation is to enable all of our students to achieve better outcomes.

Overall, students at CEA do very well, achieving good results and high scores.  Some students work very well on their own.  Other students, particularly in the younger grades, do well with the help and oversight of their parent.  Every year, however, we have a number of students who run into issues, either with skills or motivation.  They are unable to progress on their own.  In addition, their parents are unable to sufficiently help them, either because of lack of time, knowledge or resources.  Some of these students have attended several other schools, particularly online schools, before coming to us.

At Christian Educators Academy, our goal is to make every student successful, especially students who have not been successful anywhere else, irrespective of their capabilities, motivation or home environment.  We constantly seek to improve our processes to meet this goal – the Homeroom process is the latest such improvement.

Here is how the Homeroom process works:

  • We have designated certain CEA staff members to be home-room teachers.
  • Home-room teacher responsibilities are defined separately from regular teacher responsibilities.
  • Each home-room teacher is assigned students to look after.
  • Home room teachers check the status of each of their students every two weeks.
  • If an issue is spotted the home room teacher first reaches out to the student.
  • Home room teachers also coordinate with regular teachers and administration to make sure we have a complete picture of the situation and everyone is engaged.
  • Teachers also reach out to the student; homeroom teachers and administrators reach out and engage the parents as needed to make sure the issue is addressed.
  • Identified students, and the status of all interventions, are reviewed by all homeroom teachers and administrators once a month.
  • We continue to follow through with the student and family until the issue is resolved.

Benefits of the Homeroom process:

  • Issues are recognized quickly, before students get too far behind.
  • Strategies to address issues are implemented immediately and adjusted as needed.
  • Students and parents are aware of issues right away.
  • CEA provides a comprehensive response to each issue which engages all staff.
  • Student issues are handled and resolved quickly and effectively.
  • Student performance and success are maximized.

We are already seeing the results of this process in improved student performance and outcomes in real time.  We believe that our new Homeroom process will be one of the keys to success for our accredited online school.  We are looking forward to formally documenting the improvements at the end of the year.

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