Online Accredited High School Options – Blended Learning Vs. All Online

If you’re investigating online accredited high school programs, here is something you need to consider…

Are you looking for a program that is all on-line, or are you looking for a program that combines on-line learning with traditional classroom learning?  The latter is known as a “blended” program, while the former is known as a “virtual” or “digital” school.

The big advantage of an all online program is the flexibility.  You don’t need to drive or be driven to school, you don’t need to be there at all.  Any place that you have a laptop and the Internet, you can be in school.  You can take your courses anytime that is convenient for you.

In a blended program, some of the courses are offered in a traditional classroom setting, some using online methods.  This is typically used by traditional public and private schools to extend and expand their course offerings.  Core courses and popular electives that everyone takes are typically offered in a traditional setting.  Less popular electives and special courses such as AP Biology may be offered using online means.  While blended programs may offer more course options, they don’t offer the flexibility that all online programs offer.

In trying to decide between the two, you need to determine what is driving your interest in online learning – is it simply having more course options, or are you looking for the flexibility that an all online program offers?  You also need to decide if having traditional classrooms is important to you, and why?

Also be aware that some all online accredited high school programs allow and encourage direct student-teacher interaction, and provide activities that allow student-student interaction.  Look for all online programs that advertise low student-teacher ratios and personalized service.  These programs may provide you the flexibility and the personalized instruction and experience you are looking for.


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