Online high school classes

The majority of Christian Educators Academy (CEA) courses are provided by Apex Learning, a program that has just won the 2014 award of excellence.  CEA has been using Apex Learning for our online high school classes for over 3 years.  In addition, we use Gradpoint, by Pearson for our high school electives.

Our online high school classes follow an in-depth syllabus to match content, sequencing and rigor of traditional school classes.  In fact, our Honors and AP courses are more challenging, giving students an advantage in achieving high scores on the SAT or ACT exams.

Several online high school classes offered by CEA, especially Advanced Placement courses, honors courses and college preparatory classes are taught by professional teachers, gifted in specific subject areas.  Teachers are often mentors to students, and have constant interaction, developing a more personal relationships.  Our goal is not only for academic success, but to help students become well-rounded and grounded in ethics, becoming excellent leaders in their community.

Finally, the curriculum development with both Apex Learning and Gradpoint is ongoing.  New and updated material is constantly being applied.  CEA, as a Christian School, has many opportunities for students to engage in biblical interaction with their answers, and with teacher engagement.  constant feedback and support is given to all students, in all classes.  With the online high school classes offered with, students can enroll year-round, and take a full year to complete assigned work.

With CEA, we strive to develop honesty, integrity, respect and Godly character in our students, and require those values in our teachers and staff.  We consider our online high school classes to be an excellent option for current homeschool families who have children going into the 6th-12th grade, as well as for families considering homeschooling as an alternative to public school options and expensive private schools.  With our excellent curriculum options, as a private school we continually strive to know each student personally, and to offer customized service to each student.  See Link below for more information about the importance of accreditation.


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