Online High School

online high school studentAn online high school program is a great platform for students who want to gain more control over their future by learning how to take control of their education.  Having responsibility for deciding when and how they will work and what they will work on is a great motivator.  Setting and achieving goals builds self-confidence.  Working at their own pace and setting their own schedules develops independence.  Planning ahead develops self-direction and a sense of control over their education.

Online high school gives students more freedom and control over their education. With the support of parents, teachers and administrators, students learn to be responsible for themselves, and to set up schedules  and study habits that work for them. Students develop their own 3-5 year graduation plan, which they customize to achieve their college and career aspirations.

In an online high school, students can choose to work ahead, and graduate sooner than is possible in a traditional school.  Students can complete high school in as little as three years if they are motivated.  Online high school students are eligible for “dual enrollment” classes in their junior and senior years, which give them both college credit and experience with college-level classes.  With good guidance, and by following their 3-5 year graduation plan, online high school students are in the best position to succeed in achieving their goals and dreams.

Unlike traditional schools, online high schools have a very low drop-out rate and a very high success rate. 90% or more of online high school graduates continue their education at colleges and trade schools around the country.

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