Parents’ role in online homeschooling

Parents play a vital role in online homeschooling, the same as with any other educational venue.  Oftentimes it is the parents involvement and oversight that is the key to their children’s success.  At Christian Educators Academy, we fully appreciate the difference that healthy parental involvement can make in their children’s education.  At CEA, we are committed to providing all of the resources and talents available to us to enable all of our students to be successful.  With a modest but consistent effort, parents can leverage those resources in their child’s favor, resulting in the best outcome for their children.

There are many choices available for school: public school, private school, homeschool.  If you are considering, or have chosen our online homeschooling program, we at CEA are blessed!  Parents play a key role at Christian Educators Academy.   In order to best serve our students, we ask our parents to do the following:

  • Take an active role in your child’s education.
  • Provide a home environment that supports digital learning.
  • Help your child set high expectations and achievable goals for themselves.
  • Regularly monitor your child to make sure they are staying on track.
  • Actively encourage your child and constantly listen to them.
  • Communicate with our teachers and administrators whenever needed.

In order to assist parents carry out their responsibilities in regards to their children’s educations, we at Christian Educators Academy provide the following:

  • Provide a Parent-Student Handbook which details our policies and procedures.
  • Communicate roles and expectations with the parents during the enrollment / interview process.
  • Provide weekly progress updates for every student, which are e-mailed to the parents.  Please make sure you read these. If there is anything you don’t understand, please contact us.
  • Make ourselves available by phone/e-mail every weekday during normal business hours.
  • Communicate via e-mail, phone and letter when we encounter problems requiring parental support to resolve effectively.

 Student in our online homeschool program

Students role in our online homeschool program:

At Christian Educators Academy, we encourage students to be more than just passive recipients of knowledge.  We encourage all students to take an active role in their own education, and to commit to the following practices:

  • Take responsibility for their education, goals, plans and accomplishments.
  • Know what is expected ahead of time and make plans accordingly.
  • Set schedules and deadlines and keep them.
  • Build relationships with their teachers and the administrators.
  • Actively seek help when they have a problem or question.
  • Take appropriate action when something doesn’t seem right.

By giving students responsibility for their own education, our goal is to empower them, encourage them to be resourceful and independent, and learn to take responsibility for themselves.  Successful students gain the skills and knowledge needed to become productive and viable contributors to their community.