Our Student Body

Christian online homeschool students

The student body at Christian Educators Academy comes from a diverse set of backgrounds.  We welcome people from all races, ethnicities and national origins.  We welcome Christians and non-Christians alike into our Christian online homeschool.  Our students come from all over the United States, and all around the world.  We believe that openness to diversity makes our online school stronger and more vibrant.

We publish our position and statements of faith as a Christian online homeschool not to limit ourselves to a particular group, but rather so that potential families can clearly understand where we stand.


Our Christian online homeschool has included these families:

  • Missionary families and families living overseas who want their children to attend a US school.
  • Students who are skaters, cyclists or are active in other sports.
  • Students who are dancers, singers, musicians, actors or are active in some other art.
  • Students who run their own businesses – such as raising calves or equestrian training.
  • Parents who have jobs that require them to move periodically.
  • Students with special needs that cannot be met by traditional schools.
  • Gifted students who want to take dual enrollment courses and/or complete high school early.
  • Students who do not fit into traditional schools for academic or social reasons.
  • Students who live in districts that do not meet national or state academic standards.
  • Students with illnesses which prevent them from meeting traditional attendance policies.
  • Students seeking to incorporate Bible studies as part of their high school studies.
  • Students facing personal circumstances requiring the flexibility to study at their own pace.