School Calendar

At Christian Educators Academy, we strive to maintain our online homeschooling calendar so that our students can complete their courses expeditiously and receive responses in a timely manner.  Instructors at Christian Educators Academy are available Monday through Friday throughout the year, except during much needed breaks and vacations, which are listed below.  We maintain low student-to-teacher ratios, so that students can get to know all of their teachers personally, and teachers can get to know their students goals, dreams and ambitions.  Whenever students have a question or problem, we encourage them to contact their teacher by e-mail.  E-mails and lessons to be graded will be answered within 1-2 business days.  Teachers also post office hours, when they are immediately available. If students do not receive a timely response from a teacher, they can always contact our Business Office for assistance.

Online Homeschooling Calendar Vacations:

The Business Office is closed and teachers do not respond to e-mails on the following dates.  In addition, during the two vacation periods – Christmas vacation and Summer vacation – the Apex curriculum is not available.  Apex students and parents are advised to be aware of these shutdown periods and to plan ahead.  There are no exceptions to the shutdown policy.

President’s Day Third Monday in February
Spring Break Last week in March
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Summer Vacation First Half of July
Labor Day 1st weekend in September
Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October
Thanksgiving Holiday Last weekend in November
Christmas Break Weeks of Christmas and New Year’s