System Requrements

System requirements for Christian Educators Academy

What equipment is required to be successful at Christian Educators Academy?  Today, there is a proliferation of choices, from “old-fashioned” PCs to tablets to an array of smartphones.  We have tried and use many of these ourselves.  What we have found is that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.  Here are our recommendations:

  • We have found that a light, portable laptop (PC or MAC) that can be moved easily from room to room is the best solution.  It should have at least a 15″ screen for readability and at least 4GB of memory – but 6 or 8GB is always better.  With some tablets, we find that lack of full Java support can be a limiting factor with certain curriculum.  We also find that typing is much faster on a real keyboard.  We find that smartphones are good for checking and answering e-mail, but the screens are too small for working effectively on curriculum.
  • If you’re buying a laptop with a traditional hard drive, go for one that operates at the faster 7,200 rpm speed and, when possible, opt for a minimum of 500GB. Getting a 16 or 24GB flash cache, if available, will also help improve your speed.
  • Windows 8 sports an interface that works a lot better with a touch screen, so consider buying a laptop with a touch screen. Many laptops come with touch screens which cost around $500.
  • You need some kind of Internet connection – the faster, the better.  Wifi gives you portability around the house.

Other considerations:

  • Latest version of browser – Mozilla Firefox and Safari are recommended; Chrome is also acceptable.
  • GMAIL account – for correspondence
  • Adobe Acrobat Flash, Shockwave and Reader
  • Latest version of Java, Windows Media Player, and Quicktime
  • Session Cookies Enabled
  • Printer with scanner capabilities
  • Skype for mid-terms and finals

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