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Why choose CEA for my accredited online high school?

If you are currently considering using an accredited online high school, here are the things that make Christian Educator’s Academy (CEA) unique: Highly personalized service – we get to know all of our students and families personally, and we tailor

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What to look for in an online high school

In the last few years, online high schools have been growing in popularity as alternatives to traditional public or private high school.  If you are considering an online high school, here is what to look for in an online high school:

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Accredited online high school: today’s choice for a changing world

There are many traditional high schools moving to a “blended” learning style, of online and traditional schools, however, some parents and students seek out an accredited online high school for excellence in course selections, quality teachers and the ability to

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Why Accreditation is Important For Online High Schools

In recent years, the issue of accreditation has gained importance at the high school level. This applies to all high schools in general, but particularly for private high schools, especially online high schools. This article will briefly discuss the particulars

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Motivating Online High School Students

5 Tips to Motivate Online high school Students:  Online high school students have great success with academics, but a few areas often crop up when students work independently.  Boredom, discouragement, lack of focus, or just plain laziness:  no matter what

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