Virtual High School

Are you interested in attending a high school that allows you to graduate in less than four years?  If so, then Christian Educators Academy could be the solution for you.  At CEA, our virtual high school program allows you to progress at your own pace.  You can graduate in less than four years by working ahead.  Using our 3-5 year planning system, you can create your own accelerated program.  When you complete our virtual high school program, you will receive an accredited diploma that will be accepted by any college or university.  Virtual high school can be your ticket to learning as fast and as much as you want.

CEA’s virtual high school uses high-quality, college-preparatory curriculum that meets the educational requirements in all 50 states.  Many students have successfully completed our online curriculum and have gone on to colleges and universities across the country.


Customize Your Education With Virtual High School

With virtual high school, you can learn as fast or as slow as you want, without distractions from other students. Students are free to enroll in CEA’s virtual high school any time of year and can take classes 365 days a year -with the exception of holidays. The virtual high school program can be customized to meet the individual needs, interests, and strengths of each student. Students may even opt to take dual enrollment college courses to get a leg up on college while still working on high school courses.

Click and Learn with Virtual High School

When students enroll in CEA’s virtual high school, they are just a click away from earning a college-preparatory diploma at their own pace. Enjoy all the freedom and independence afforded by attending a virtual high school and learn anywhere, anytime – online.