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Why Choose an Accredited Christian Online School? – The Benefits

Why choose an accredited, private, Christian online school?  Here are some of the advantages over the other available options:

  • A properly accredited online school is just as accepted by colleges and universities as any public or traditional private school.  Many colleges and universities do not accept homeschool diplomas and transcripts.  For this reason, an accredited private school is superior to homeschooling.
  • Joining an online school is similar to homeschooling in that your student continues to do their schoolwork at home.  An online school is better than homeschooling because all of the responsibility of teaching, grading and record-keeping is taken over by the school.
  • An online school gives you and your student tremendous convenience and flexibility over a traditional public or private school.  An online school eliminates commuting.  With an online school, you do not have to organize your life around the school’s daily schedule.
  • “Free” public online schools typically have very large class sizes.  It is not uncommon for teachers to have 200 students or more.  In this environment, it is very easy for a student to become lost in the crowd, to become just a number.  The advantage of a small, private school is that your student will be personally known and served by his or her teachers, who will provide mentoring and guidance, as well as instruction.
  • With a private, Christian school, you have much more control over what is being taught to your student.
  • A private, online school gives you all the benefits of a traditional private school, but typically at a much lower cost.  It has much less overhead because it has no buildings or campus to maintain.
  • Online education is the wave of the future.  Recently, many states have begun requiring some kind of computer literacy or online experience as part of their graduation requirements.  Many colleges and universities, and even public and private schools are moving to online education to increase accessibility, expand offerings, and decrease costs.

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Why choose Christian Educators Academy as your accredited Christian online School?

The combination of all the factors below make Christian Educators Academy (CEA) unique, and explain why we think our school is the best choice for an accredited Christian online school.

First, as a small organization, and we can provide extremely personal service.  Your student will be known by each of their teachers, and by the administration.  We individualize our instruction to the needs of each student.  We help each student create their own customized graduation plan based on their dreams and goals.  Through our year-round, open-enrollment policy, we provide the maximum flexibility, allowing students to start courses any time, and work at their own pace.  Access to curriculum is year-round, 24/7, except for our two week Christmas and summer holidays.

Second, we are accredited by AdvancED and SACS CASI.  You can be assured that our transcripts and diplomas will be accepted by any college or university.  We have many students who already have been accepted by a long list of colleges universities; see our Graduates page.

Third, we ensure that your student is well-educated and well-prepared for college or the career of their choice.  We only use the highest quality, college-preparatory curriculum, that is liked and well-accepted by colleges and universities.  Both of our curriculum providers, Apex and Pearson’s Gradpoint, have recently won awards for excellence in education.  Our instruction is mastery-based, we strive to ensure that students really learn the material.  In addition, we take a whole-life approach to education, one that goes beyond academics.  Our goal is to help each student develop their unique, God-given gifts and talents and Christ-like character.

Fourth, all of our teachers uphold Christian values of honesty, integrity and compassion, and integrate those values into their teaching and interactions with their students.  You can be assured that your student will be well cared for at Christian Educators Academy.   All teachers hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher and have experience in education.

All of our courses are teacher-led, and all of our curriculum is entirely online, except for those AP courses where textbooks are required by the College Board.  We are not a brick-and-mortar private school with an online extension.

Our approach to education is to provide our students with the best, college-preparatory curriculum available, with a fully accredited and accepted diploma, one that sets no limits on where they can go after they graduate.  In order to be prepared for college and life in the real world, our position is that students need to be aware of a diverse range of thought and theories, draw their own conclusions, and be able to discuss and defend those positions following the admonition of 1 Peter 3:15 “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”  We encourage students to make connections between the lesson materials and their personal beliefs, and give them the space to interact with the lesson materials – whether in agreement or disagreement – sharpening their critical reasoning and persuasive writing skills.

As a Christian organization, we balance that approach with a deep understanding and respect for the values and convictions of our families.  We allow substitutions of individual lessons to accommodate individual convictions or beliefs, or if any material is found to be offensive.

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